Video streaming service Netflix Inc (NASDAQ:NFLX) is restructuring its film group, which will result in layoffs and the departure of two of its most experienced executives, Bloomberg reported on Thursday. As part of the restructuring, Netflix will combine small and midsize picture productions units, resulting in a few job cuts,Read More →

Japan’s Miki House, a maker of luxury baby and children’s goods in a country with ever-fewer births, is looking overseas for both production and customers for products like its 100,000 yen ($760.40) Gold Label brand pyjamas. President Koichi Kimura said the Osaka-based company, which has developed a global reputation basedRead More →

Financial sector headwinds are creating fresh openings for private equity investments in aerospace, as suppliers’ need for capital to meet soaring demand for planes and parts risks further turbulence, executives said. Demand from aircraft manufacturing giants has soared on the back of surging global air travel following a pandemic-induced slump.Read More →